Why do you use NATO instead of SAMMI specifications on your 9mm 185gr? 

We chose to use NATO because of the ShellShock™ cases which are stainless steel. SAMMI spec for 9mm calls for a conformal transducer to be used on the case itself and is designed for brass cases. NATO measures the pressure at the case mouth and doesn’t factor the case material in its measurement.

Is your 9mm 185gr +P or +P+ rated?

Since we use the NATO spec there is no +P or +P+ standard.

Will the stainless cases hurt my gun?

No, according to ShellShock™ these cases are functionally less abrasive than brass, self-lubricating and corrosion resistant.

What is the average velocity of your 9mm 185gr? 

The velocity typically ranges between 900-1,000 FPS depending on barrel length. We recommend using a full-size pistol or carbine for optimum expansion and performance.

Will your 9mm 185gr work in my gun? 

We have tested our 9mm in multiple platforms and have yet to find anything that will not fire the round and cycle the firearm. However, we do recommend that you use a full-size pistol or carbine for optimum performance and velocity. Also we do not recommend our 9mm 185gr ammo for H&K™ USP, P2000, P30, or VP9 platforms.  The MP5 performs well using the ammo.